Thursday, January 16, 2014

4. Cry Wolf by Wilbur Smith

This a random read, completely out of my schedule, a book not even in my TBR. This also happened to be my second experience with Wilbur Smith, the first being an entertaining read, River God, which was a very different kind of book, set in an entirely different time and space.

Cry Wolf is a war fiction based on the 1935 Italian attack on Ethiopia, a deplorable event,  a testimony to the ineffectiveness of the League of Nations (not that the current United Nations is doing such a stellar job). There seems to be a lot of errors and omissions from the actual event of attack, which may still be forgiven for this being a fictional account.  But the book isn't much otherwise either, some bravado, some romance, a pinch of humour and a lot of craziness; but it fails to make a mark, emotional or otherwise. I probably would have been more moved by a well written account of a war between Martians and Plutonians.

An average read, I doubt I will sample more of what Wilbur Smith has to offer.


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