Monday, December 30, 2013

75. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Love gone wrong!

A delightful read. It is difficult to not like a book like this one, with all its twists and turns, even if not perfectly executed. It reads like a Spy novel, with the exception being, there are no government conspiracies, and well, there are no spies. This book is funny where it needs to be, tragic at time, and devious almost all the times. No complaints about the writing style either, very readable, and the author does quite a good job keeping the different versions of the story separate. This is a decently long read and just when one starts to get bored, Bam! comes a twist! The first of those twists, there is no way I could have seen it coming, and neither would I am sure the majority of readers, unless they are warned of it. And no, my last statement doesn't constitute that warning.

Now for the few negatives with the otherwise, did I say delightful? read. Remember when I said, *just when one starts to get bored*, well, make it *a little time after the reader has started to get bored* - point being, the aforementioned twists could have been timed better. There is also a bit of redundancy, some of the sub-plots, the book could have done very well without; a more compact book would have definitely got more pointers from me. 


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