Friday, October 11, 2013

54. The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson

A stand-off novella from Sanderson, a form which was just right for this work. After reading so many of his works, it is easy to see a pattern emerge, in which he uses simple objects like colours, stones, chalk, metals, lenses, etc. as articles of power, the theme being a simple object can be used with varying effect based on the skill of the user. This book was a little different with soulstones (not always necessary) and the individual's skills being used to forge - change the history of an object making it take the properties and appearance of another one.

Shai, the master forger was caught red-handed at a stealing attempt and her skill being held in blasphemous contempt, her seemingly only choice is to rewrite the consciousness of the comatose king within 90 days to survive her execution sentence. Oh, a couple of small roadblocks, what was expected of her has never been done before; and she has to carry her work while trying not to get knocked off by the council members after she finishes the tougher parts of her work.

A decent piece, even if it lacked the usual twists and turns of a usual Sanderson book.

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